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Ray Traced Animation

Methods and Software Used: Animation and creation of images was done in Moray (see here for more about Moray). Each frame was then ray traced (rendered) using POV-Ray (see here) and turned into an AVI video file. Adobe Premeire (here) was used to adjust the brightness of the video and to add in the music track. Next Sorenson Squeeze (here) converted the resulting file (another AVI) to Flash SWF. Then SwishMax (here) was used to program it to stream on the web, and the link to the SwishMax SWF file (a second SWF file) embedded in this page. This page is PHP (here), but that's only to get the dynamic date at the top---otherwise, a plain old HTML page would serve up the streaming video just as well. ... Refresh the page to see the animation again.

An experiment by Ralph Roberts, ©2004 Creativity, Inc.

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