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40th Reunion Tour of Erwin

40th Reunion Tour of Clyde A. Erwin HS, ©2004 Creativity, Inc.

by Ralph Roberts

ASHEVILLE, N.C. (Oct. 2, 2004)--During the Class of 1964's 40th aniversary celebration, we toured our old high school (now a junior high). We expected the place to be delapidated, the rooms smaller than we remembered, and all those old cliches. Some of us, myself included, had not set foot in the place since graduation in June of 1964.

Our expectations could not have been further from reality. Well, okay, the classrooms WERE smaller... or, maybe, it's just us who've gotten larger in the last four decades. But the school in general appeared clean, NEW, modern, and a LOT bigger than it was in our day. Halls took off into infinity where there were no halls before, and there were dozens, probably scores of new classrooms. The reason, of course, is simple. While this facility now caters to 7th, 8th, and 9th graders (when we were here, it was grades 9-12), the population of this area is now in excess of 10 times what it was in 1964.

Yet, there were still places we recognized. The old Liars' Wall, for example, where we sat and swapped whoppers with straight faces. The lunchroom was kinda the same, except they had knocked down one wall and greatly expanded it. And we DID NOT have vending machines in it back in the sixties. ;-)

In general, our nostalgic tour recalled those formative four years. I'm glad we did it. And, to all my teachers of 40 years ago, please do not worry: I will be turning in that homework I owe ya any year now.

Ralph Roberts,
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